Frequently Asked Questions

For technical support from DIRTVision, please email us at! For any refunds, contact technical support before the start of the main event.

What is DIRTVision? What series are broadcast?
Watch select World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series, World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series and Super DIRTcar Series events broadcast live via DIRTVision pay-per-view. Every World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series, World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series and Super DIRTcar Series event will be broadcast live via DIRTVision Radio broadcast. Fans can listen in to every event on the schedule through the site. DIRTVision Radio broadcasts begin with hot laps and carry fans all the way through to victory lane. It’s the best race coverage available without being there!

What is the difference of DIRTVision and DIRTVision MAX?
A DIRTVision pay-per-view stream will generally have one camera angle as well as a wide-span shot or speed shot camera with a standard definition stream.  A DIRTVision MAX pay-per-view stream will have multiple camera angles, usually 2 to 3, as well as a wide-span shot or speed shot camera with a higher definition stream.

Do I have to register to use the site?
Yes, you have to register in order to listen to FREE live streaming audio, on-demand content, as well as to purchase pay-per-view video events.

Is membership free?
Yes! DIRTVision membership is free!

What do I get with the free membership?
With your free DIRTVision membership, you can watch our entire On-Demand section and listen to all of our live audio events. You also have the ability to purchase any pay-per-view broadcast through your membership.

How do I register with the site?
To register, click on one of the register or sign up links on the site and fill in the form. A verification email will be sent to the address provided to authenticate the registration after the registration form has been completed. Click the link in that email to complete the registration process. If you do not receive a confirmation email, email us at

What is included in the On-Demand section?
The On-Demand section includes complete race coverage of most of the current years’ World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series events, many broadcasts of the World of Outlaws since 2005, and classic races from the past 35 years of archived history.

Is there a yearly subscription option to DIRTVision?
No, there is no yearly subscription to DIRTVision.

How do I purchase a live video broadcast?
-You will need to register with the site before you are able to purchase any live video stream.
-Click the event that you wish to purchase.
-Enter your payment information, with full address and credit card information.
-Review your order and submit.
-Upon successful payment, you will be able to click on the event and watch it in its entirety. The video will begin playing on this page at its scheduled start time.
-If you have opened the page prior to the start time, you may need to refresh when the live stream has begun.
-A receipt of payment should be emailed to you at the time of purchase.

After I buy a broadcast, when will it begin?
All live broadcasts will begin with the start of hot laps and will end after the last victory lane of the night. Hot lap times vary for each track due to days of the week, time zone differences, and track preferences. Sometimes, you will be able to pause a broadcast and continue later, without the video being in live time, but once the broadcast is over, your broadcast will end, regardless of where you are in the show at that time.

What if the event I purchased rains-out?
All live broadcasts are handled just like being at the racetrack and will follow the at-track ticket policies. If the race is called an official show by the track, it will be considered an official PPV show, as well, and no refunds will be issued. If the race is postponed or canceled, you will be credited or refunded. Details will be communicated via email and Twitter when decisions are made by the track and DIRTVision.

Will the live video broadcasts ever be posted anywhere to watch at a later time?
Yes! The World of Outlaws or Super DIRTcar portions of the event will be posted in the On-Demand section a few days after the event concludes.

Do the live broadcasts include the support classes at each event?
Yes! The show will not stop during support classes.

My live stream is choppy or buffering. What should I do?
There are multiple possibilities for your buffering. Here are a few options:
-Try logging out and back in to restart the system.
-Restart your internet router, then log back into the site.
-Your internet connection may not be strong enough. Go to to run a speed test. Your download speed needs to be at least 1.5 Mbps.
-Make sure your Flash Player is up to date and enabled on your computer.
-Turn off any other devices that may be using your internet connection to boost the connection on the device you are using to view the broadcast.
-If you are using a public internet connection or cellular data, these connections can be very unreliable. Try not to use these whenever possible.
Still having issues? Email us at for a quick response.

How do I contact technical support? Does DIRTVision have a phone number?
DIRTVision does not have a phone number as this is not the best option to answering questions while at a race. (It can be loud!) We are very quick to respond to our email though. Email us at with any question you may have!

Does DIRTVision support Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, or Smart TV’s?
DIRTVision does not support Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or any Smart TV. While we do not officially support Chromecast, many viewers are able to use this device to watch on their television.

Is DIRTVision available to purchase through my cable provider?
No, we are only available for purchase through the internet on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

What are the system requirements for my device to watch the live stream?
-You CANNOT view the live video broadcast on Dial-Up. You need a Cable, DSL, Fiber, T1, or High Speed Satellite* connection. We recommend a 1.5Mbps (1500 Kbps) download speed connection for the video to stream smoothly. To test your home connection speed, please use the following site:
-Cellular Connections: A strong 3G or 4G cellular connection may offer sufficient bandwidth to view the base stream, but due to inconsistent cell service, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted video throughout the night.

What are the computer system requirements for viewing DIRTVision?
-Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent. Minimum 64mb video ram suggested.
-Non Intel Macintosh Computers and First generation Netbook computers using Atom processors may have insufficient processing power to view live video smoothly.
-How to check your systems specs:
---Windows Users: Start Menu < Control Panel < System & Security < System
---Mac Users: Apple Icon (top corner) < About this Mac
-Ensure you have Adobe Flash Player:
---Download the latest version of Flash Player:
-------Note: Flash is not needed on iPhones or iPads

What devices are supported for DIRTVision viewing?
DIRTVision supports the following platforms: Windows, Apple (iOS), and Android. DIRTVision supports the following devices: mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Android devices must carry Flash in order to view the video. Any Android device without Flash will not be able to view the video. While the video may play on platforms and devices outside of these, we cannot guarantee the reliability of the stream. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser.

How do I know if my Android device will be able to play the video?
-In order for an Android device to play the video, it must be able to support Adobe Flash software.
-Most Android versions 2.2 through 4.0.2 support Adobe Flash by default. Android version 4.0.3 through the current version of 4.3 have the ability to support flash, but it must be installed manually. A flash-supporting browser (Firefox, Dolphin and Puffin all work) must also be installed. For a more detailed look at how to work through these steps, watch this video:

My computer locked up, so I restarted it and can’t get logged back into my account, what do I do?
The best way to avoid this problem is to logout before restarting your computer. The system is set to hold the account closed for 5 minutes to keep others from accessing your account. If you are having issues with the stream slowing down and you want to restart your computer to speed up the broadcast, be sure to logout before restarting your computer to prevent this from happening to you mid-broadcast. If this problem comes up, contact us at to have your account reset so you can be back up and running.

I can’t get a password reset email or confirmation code email. Help!
You’ve tried to get a password reset or account confirmation email and aren’t receiving one? Email us at, and we can get your account straightened out!